Personal Protective Equipment


Non-Medical disposable face masks with 3-layers of protection.

50 masks per pack. Adjustable nose clip. Ear loops. Filters against droplets, pollen and dust.

Rubber Boots

Every niche market has its own specific requirements when it comes to comfort, hygiene and safety. We provide high quality boots in all working environments: from agriculture to fisheryfood processing or construction and industry.

Economical and durable: last three times longer than rubber or PVC wellies
Thermally insulating in various models down to -50 °C
Light and comfortable
Easy to clean, both boot and insole
Available in different colours (colour coding)
SRC-certified and thus slip-resistant

Learn more about Rubber Boots.

Face Shields

Optically clear, distortion-free wrap-around face shield.

1.5” Foam headband holds shield away from face; “floats” lightly on forehead, with no pressure on temples; vented for increased airflow.

Protects mask and face from direct splatter.

Welded elastic headband for added strength.

Anti-fog treatment on inside and outside of shield

Safety Glasses


Many models available. Please contact one of our experts to meet your use case.

Ear Plugs

Vibrant colors make protection visible

Self-adjusting polyurethane foam expands to fit virtually every wearer

Contoured T-shape for easy insertion and wear

Smooth, soil-resistant closed cell-foam skin prevents dirt build-up


We offer top quality gloves for all of your needs.

We provide Nitrile, Latex, Vinyl, Polythene, Cotton and Rubber gloves.

Contact one of our experts to choose the right glove for your use case.

Aprons and Sleeves

This apron’s one-piece construction limits the potential for foreign body contamination and reduces harborage points for pathogens.

Aprons may be used in conjunction with protective sleeves for maximum safety.

The 8 Mil apron provides significantly increased resistance to punctures and tears.

Good for workstations with sharp edges or jobs that require lifting, carrying, or the use of knives or scissors.

Learn more about the aprons we provide.