NSS Cleaning Equipment

NSS Cleaning Equipment



NSS Galaxy

NSS Galaxy, a durable, powerful floor machine in an economical package, is precision-balanced for easy operation and maneuverability.

-Durable, chrome-plated base and handle for extended life
-Ergonomic handle adjustment and cord release
-1 HP or 1.5 HP, 66-frame motor
-17-inch/43-cm or 20-inch/51-cm work path

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NSS Galaxy DS

Galaxy DS is a versatile, economical dual-speed floor machine, precision balanced for easy operation and maneuverability.
This Galaxy saves time and money by effectively doing the job of two rotary scrubbers—a standard 180 RPM floor machine and a 320 RPM buffer.

-Precision balanced for easy operation and manueverability
-Dual speed means two machines in one:
-320 RPM machine for polishing, buffing, and damp scrubbing hard floors
-180 RPM is uesd in congested areas where greater control is needed
-Lock-out safety mechanism on handle prevents accidental starts

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NSS Pacer

The Pacer 12/15 UE is the best value in single-motor uprights. All of the features you need are bundled into this affordable package.

-Lightweight and durable single motor upright available in 12″ and 15″ cleaning paths. Impact resistant polypropylene body.
-Powerful 1.7 HP 2-stage vacuum motor draws 92 inches of water lift and 100 CFM of air flow.
-Loaded with features: Crevice tool, round brush tool, spare bag storage compartment, bag full indicator, and adhesive bag seal for dust free disposal.
-Easy to maintain: Quick change cord. Tool-less brush replacement. Simple clog removal.
-Three stage filtration system with HEPA performance. 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns.(Filters available)
-Fully compliant with LEED requirements. CRI Gold rated. Quiet operation at only 67 dBA.

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NSS Outlaw

For unrivalled productivity, the Outlaw PB battery-powered backpack vacuum has the runtime, features, and performance to supercharge your vacuum process. The mobility and enhanced safety of a cordless design, combined with low noise levels, make this backpack vacuum ideal for spot vacuuming large buildings—offices, healthcare facilities, classrooms, and conference areas.

-Unrivaled spot vacuuming productivity—up to 30,000 sq. ft. per hour
-.5 HP, 2-stage, 24V motor
-Quiet—only 65 dBA—for use anytime
-Ergonomic harness for operator comfor
-3-stage bagless filtration system assures great IAQ
-2 hours runtime per set of NiMH batteries

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NSS Alpha Series

The Alpha series of electric wet/dry vacuums are the economical choice for years of dependable operation. Alpha 8 is ideal for medium-duty tasks that require 8 gallons of wet recovery capacity.

-1.34 HP, 2-stage bypass motor provides an incredible 106 CFM of air flow
-8-gal/30-l wet recovery capacity
-Durable and corrosion resistant polyethylene tank
-Front casters and rear wheels provide stability and maneuverability
-Wide set rear wheels provide a stable base, reducing the possibility of tipping
-Standard professional attachment tool kit including 8 ft. hose, wand, squeegee tool, carpet tool, round brush tool and crevice tool
-One-year warranty

Available in 4, 8, 16 and 24 gallon tank sizes for any size job.

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NSS BP Ranger

For unmatched performance in heavy-duty wet/dry vacuums, the extreme performance of the BP Ranger series is unrivaled. The aggressive, oversized motor make the BP Rangers special. No other wet/dry vacuum motor delivers its performance, durability, and longevity. The three suction fans move more air for rapid recovery of wet and dry materials.

-Powerful 2 HP bypass-cooled motor
-Up to 40% more suction and 12 X longer life than typical wet/drys
-Patented noise reduction system assures quiet operation—63 dBA
-12.5-gal/48-l stainless steel or 14.5 gal./55-l rotocast polyethylene tip-dispose tank
-7-year limited warranty

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Wrangler 2016 DB/AB/AE

20-inch automatic scrubber A tight turning radius and scrub head lock-down feature allow the mid-sized Wrangler 2016 to tackle heavy scrub and standard scrub jobs with ease. Its 20-inch scrubbing path makes quick work of any task. A rugged, rotocast-polyethylene body and 7-guage steel frame deliver long term durability.

-20-inch/51-cm scrub path; straight or curved squeegee
-16-gal/61-l solution and 17-gal/64-l recovery tank
-.75 HP brush motor and a .75 HP vacuum motor (DB/AB)
-Offset scrub head for superior edge cleaning

Battery-powered wheel drive (DB) or pad drive (AB) and cord-electric pad drive (AE) models available

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NSS Champ 2929

The new Champ 2929 automatic scrubber from NSS® is the snappy little ride-on with big ride-on power. Its 36V electrical system delivers up to 30% more run time than a comparably configured 24V automatic scrubber.

-29-in/74-cm scrub path with 33-in/84-cm curved blade squeegee
-29-gal/110-l solution tank and oversized 32-gal/121-l recovery tank
-1-HP drive motor with three forward speeds
-2-HP brush motor, 300 RPM brush speed
-Six 6V, 235 AH or 350 AH batteries
-Fits through a 36-inch door with skirts and squeegee intact.

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NSS Galaxy 1500

The Galaxy 1500 is a durable, economical cord-electric burnisher that delivers unsurpassed value in high speed floor care.

-Produces a high-gloss shine
-20-inch/51-cm workpath
-1.5 HP motor and 1500 RPM pad speed for productivity
-Flexible, built-in pad driver for smooth, balanced, and safe operation
-Transport wheels make moving from job-to-job easy
-Non-marking bumper protects walls and fixtures from accidental damage

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