Ice Melter

Ice Melter

Ice Shield Premium Ice Melter

Combining state-of-the-art ice-melting technology from the aviation industry and the superior anti-corrosive and residual effect properties of Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA), ICESHIELD™ Premium Ice Melter becomes the most advanced commercial ice melter on the market today. Many products claim to be low corrosive or great ice melters, but ICESHIELD™ is the first product that can genuinely deliver both while providing great before-the-storm anti-icing benefits.

Pet Friendly. Melts at low temperatures (-30˚C). Smart Technology melts ice faster using an advanced blend of polyois, organic salts and bio-additives. 

Available in 20 KG bags.

Meltco Premium Magnesium Chloride De-Icer with MCi3 & CMA

This 100% natural eco-friendly formulation makes meltco™ Premium a very safe and effective de-icer. meltco™ Premium De-icer is a very friendly option for snow and ice melting around children, pets, softscapes, hardscapes, roofs and vegetation. It consists of naturally occurring complex trace minerals and micro nutrients in addition to the chloride family and MCi3. The MCi3 solution is formulated with CMA and organic elements extracted from sea water. Its natural ability along with minerals and micro nutrients buffers the effects of chlorides on vegetation and environment. meltco™ Premium de-icer has no nitrogen or phosphorus added to make it an ideal option for de-icing around any body of water.

Designed for faster melting and easier spreading at colder temperatures than typical ice melting products. The green biodegradable colorant added to the product minimizes the usage and increases its effectiveness.

Available in 50 LB bags.

Envirosafe Ice Melter

Powered by Hybrid Crystal Technology. Advances anti-corrosive formula enhanced with CMA delivers results while being less harmful for surfaces and pets. Fast-acing and long-lasting formula works immediately upon contact, and stays on surface area longer for added protection. Blue crystals help you see the amount of distributed. Works at temperatures as low as -26˚C

safe for, Environment, concrete, pets, brick and decking. Ensure your pathways are clear and safe this winter with Envirosafe Ice Melter. Formulated to prevent ice and snow from bonding on surface areas.

Available in 20 KG bags.