About Us

Since our inception in 1991 we have grown from the ‘ground up’ to proudly offer the highest quality products and related equipment to the food processing & food service market. Our company manufactures a diversified selection of cleaning chemicals, approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada.

Our chemical products are engineered to meet the solid hygiene standards set by those regulatory bodies and, equally important, they are designed to meet the highest level of cleaning and sanitation performance demanded by the consumer.

Partnering with other iconic companies to fill in the gaps enabled Rockwater to service other markets as well, overall giving Rockwater Professional Products a winning strategy.

Our dedicated and friendly staff promise to deliver the following:

  • The highest quality cleaning & sanitizing chemicals (to keep processing facilities microbe free) (click on “COMPANY DIVISIONS” for details)
  • A proven Drum Recycling Program, certified by TDG (to keep plastic waste to a minimum)
  • A color-coded lineup of cleaning tools (to allow tracking of food borne contaminants & to minimize cross-contamination) (REMCO PRODUCTS)
  • On-site employee training, including employee certificates (to improve employee safety & increase productivity)
  • A one-stop-shop (all the chemical & food safety products available under one roof)