Floor Care

Floor Care

Cherry Deodorizer & Sanitizer

Atomes Cherry is a deodorant with a cherry scent. Cherry is very efficient against microbes and leaves a pleasant long lasing scent. Vaporise Atomes Cheery to control malodors and to inhibit pathogenic microbes. Cherry is a neutral product (pH 7) and is phosphate-free, chlorine-free and caustic-free. Approved by CFIA.

Available in 4 L Jugs & 20 L Pails.


Ora Heavy Duty Foaming Degreaser & Cleaner

Ora is based on multiple surfactants and cleaning agents. Ora can replace harsh caustic and chlorine-based degreasers. Very concentrated degreaser, used at low concentrations (1-5%) to remove organic and inorganic deposits. Approved by CFIA.

Available in 4 L Jugs & 20 L Pails



Neutra Clean Floor Soap

Neutra Clean is an environmentally preferred product that is concentrated. When diluted, this economical neutral floor cleaner lifts and suspends soil and leaves the shine on floors. Ideally suited for daily or weekly floor care maintenance programs. No rinsing required. It does not contain alkaline builders that leave residue on floors. Neutra Clean is fragrance free.

Available in 4L Jugs and 20L Pails.



Extract Floor Cleaner / Degreaser 

Orange Granular Cleaning Compound. A free flowing, granulated powder degreaser with pine oil. A built-in color indicator turns green when working. For use in industrial plants, institutional centers, service stations, garages, etc. Removes grease and oils from concrete, slate, terrazzo. marble and ceramic.

Available in 40 KG